Investment in Self!

Investment in Self!

“Saving for returns is age old financial wisdom, lets apply the same principle on Self Image.

It is indeed very wise to keep some money aside for our future in case we face financial crises. It is something we do on a regular basis to ensure we get best returns. We all know that not every day is a bed of roses and anything can happen and hence financial investment makes a lot of sense. But, have we ever paused and mulled over investment on self.

Creating an image of oneself in the corporate world is not easy. It is no more about showing up to work and completing the job assigned in the best way possible. It’s about drawing people in and being an essential part of their lives and vice versa.  “People are far more likely to follow you, talk to you, trust you, and engage with you if they believe they are interacting with a real person,” said Demars. “This is where the benefits of humanizing your brand really come into play.”

To do this one must Invest in the “I” which is what creates a personal brand for you. We all spend our day in conversations that usually begin like this –  I think… I believe… I suggest… I say… I want…. ! Let’s just stop and think why anyone should listen to me or my suggestions. Is my personal brand that strong that people would buy into my ideas and suggestions immediately? As we move up the career ladder we spend more and more time in analyzing others than ourselves. So if you already have not started working on your personal brand then you must start building one and if you already have personal brand then keep it growing because it could end up being one of your best returns on investment!

Create a work-self balance.

We have all been hearing about work-life balance. While we manage to achieve that, one must also focus on achieving work-self balance. It means to take out time to focus on your softer skills. Set aside a separate time at work or if work life is too hectic, then take some time out of your personal time. The key is to have a little “me time” but an effective one.

Never stop socializing.

It is good to have alone time but our mind and body can negatively react to not socializing. Socializing skills directly impact your self-image and self-esteem. According to researcher John Cacioppo at the University of Chicago, people who socialize less are less able to perform on learning tasks, such as puzzles and mind games, due to the rewiring in the brain. Hence, keep your social calendar busy!

Work on your image

It’s not about looks, it’s about creating a winning presence around people. Your personal appearance can affect your daily life and the way people treat you. It is the unconscious mind of people who measure you and create assumption within a few seconds. Invest a little in Fixing Your Personal Image which is authentic it to you.

Bhanu khathuria
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