Social media and impact on your image

Social media and impact on your image

Hardly any of us can claim not to have had any sort of  digital imprint on social media platforms like linkedin, facebook, Instagram and twitter.  Who you are, who are the friends that you hang out with, what you evaluate you.

While there is nothing wrong is being able to look like when you let your hair down, your opinions based on what you liked, whom you liked form an image of you on social media that is available to any stranger who wants to look you up and worse

On the positive side a carefully cultivated image on social media can go a long way in helping you be visible to the world in the way you want to.  Many leaders and media savvy people have harnessed the power of social media to project, popularize and enhance their image .  The platforms on social media are like tools in your hand, use them intelligently and they can take you places.

And yes, do not get way lead by the number of likes and how fast they flood your social media page.  They can be a very misleading yardstick. A good image is more than just a few hundred likes by your friends on social media.

Bhanu khathuria
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